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 I may have a few shields in stock and available for purchase with a Leather Upgrade to the face and reverse sides. These shields follow the same design as my Basic Shields, but are covered front and back in bark tanned leather, suede, and rawhide.

Edging may be in rawhide or in leather. Purchase from available stock, or mix and match from variety  of colors and textures by pre-ordering.

Leather Round Shields are 30" in diameter and weigh approximately 10 pounds.

Leather Kite Shields are 46" X 22", are curved to a 22" radius, and weigh approximately 11 pounds.


Purchase from available stock or pre-order. Limited options available with pre-order.

Leather  Round Shield - $250.00 

Leather Kite Shield - $285.00

Pre-order options include:

Face & back materials, leather, suede & rawhide

Edging materials, leather or rawhide

Enarme placement angle, left or right handed

Guige attachment placement

I will contact purchaser to discuss requirements

Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery

Shield Type