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 I generally have several Basic Shields in stock and available for immediate purchase. These shields are a direct response to those who require an affordable shield that will pass muster with their local group's authenticity officers.

The shield body is of 1/2" thick exterior grade plywood, and faced with 100% natural linen fabric, ready for you to paint with your own color scheme or device. The reverse side of the shield is covered in pure wool felt, with a variety of colors in stock.

The shield features a spun mild steel shield boss, and a center-mounted, leather wrapped wrought iron and ash grip attached to the shield body with solid copper rivets and burrs.

The shield is edged in deer or elk rawhide, stitched on with sinew, and includes dual guige attachment points, and a center buckled 48" latigo leather guige strap. 

Basic  Round Shields are 30" in diameter and weigh approximately 8 pounds.

Basic Kite Shields are 46" X 22", are curved to a 22" radius, and weigh about 9 pounds.

Basic Kite Shields feature riveted latigo leather enarmes with adjustable forearm strap, quilted leather arm pad, guige attachment points, and guige strap. Available in both left and right handed versions.

The same Basic Shield designs are available partially disassembled as a Shield Kit, if you'd like to decorate it before installing your edging and shield boss. Also available in a Leather Upgrade!

Purchase from available stock or pre-order. Limited options available with pre-order.

Basic Round Shield - $150.00 

Basic Kite Shield - $185.00

Pre-order options include:

Wool felt colors

Edging materials, leather or rawhide

Enarme placement angle, left or right handed

Select Shield Type:

Guige attachment placement

I will contact purchaser to discuss requirements

Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery



                                      Not all fabrics are available at all times. Other colors may be available. Please contact for current stock.