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  For the Do-It-Yourselfer  who may not have time or access to wood working tools, I'm offering a Shield Kit with everything you'll need to assemble your own shield...

Basic Shield Kit

Everything you need to assemble your own Basic Shield.

Coming Soon...

Leather Shield Kit

Everything you need to assemble your own Leather Shield.

Coming Soon...

Shield Blanks

1/2" plywood or planked shield blanks, sized and cut to order, with or without drillings.

Select Shield Type & Options:
Grip Hole Size:

  • Butted and glued American Basswood (A species of Limewood). Light, solid, and resists splitting. The historically accurate and legendary Limewood shield. Standard size is 30".  $85.00

  • Exterior grade plywood round shield. Sturdy and economical. Faux planking effect available. Standard size is 30"  $35.00

  • Laminated exterior grade plywood Kite Shield, constructed of two layers of 1/4" plywood curved to a 22" radius. Early Norman teardrop shaped. Standard size is 46" X 22".  $55.00

  • Optional edge lacing holes drilled 1/2" from edge every 1".  Add $10.00

  • Be certain of grip hole size requirements before ordering. Custom round shields from 28" - 32".  Custom Kite Shield sizing, please contact.

Shield Blanks

Shield Edging Kit

Don't edge your shield with Food Grade dog chews!

100"  X 2.5"  bison rawhide strips, a bobbin of artificial sinew, two BIG EYE  needles, and complete instructions. Rawhide will be in 2 or 3 pieces.  $40.00