Last updated: 01-26-2010

Welcome to the Saxon Shield web site.

Portions of this site are still under construction. Please bear with me as I fill in the details.


I produce quality reproduction Viking, Anglo-Saxon, and Norman battle shields for re-enactors, living history enthusiasts and collectors. My shields cover the spectrum from simple unadorned combat practice shields designed to take a beating, to SCA, The Vikings, and Regia Anglorum-legal, and historically accurate shields for Living History Exhibits, to more fanciful barbarian/fantasy shields. For the Do-It-Yourself-er, I also offer plywood and planked shield blanks and complete shield kits.


While I usually stock several basic shield designs available for immediate sale, I specialize in special order projects, working closely with my customers to provide very personalized and uniquely handcrafted  works of art.


This catalog will display my basic shield designs, and offer options and suggestions to help you design a shield you can call your own.